Thursday, August 15:

Registration Opens!

Registration available

Quick-view Schedule

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Registration Pick-up available – location TBD, but we are hoping to be able to register and load the train all at the same time!

Friday, August 16:

The action begins!

Approx. 75km Course (yes, shortened from 2018!)

STAGE 1 Batchawana Station to Stokely Creek Lodge

The “essence” of Stage 1  Backcountry old school adventure

Your first day on the bike will transport you back through time, to a simpler time.  This old school, truly Backcountry adventure takes you to Mountain Biking’s infancy, where Gary Fisher and the crew rigged up bmx and road bikes to ride down forest access, logging, and ATV/Jeep trails.  Long before the advent of singletrack, many of us in the sport for the last 20+ years cut our teeth on these backcountry adventures, travelling long distances and having the time and space to really take in the dramatic countryside.  8 or more creek/river crossings, long gravel climbs and decents, technical “Babyhead” decents and Hydrocuts are the flavour of the day.  Make no mistake – this is as “real” as mountain biking gets!  The advent of specific Singletrack has only really been developed over the past 20 or so years, and unfortunately many newer riders consider it the only thing that is “real” Mountain Biking.  Be ready to change that view.  For 2019 we are skipping the infamous Batchawana mountain climb, but have ADDED the loop for die-hards, and are adding a few fun, (rideable) singletrack decents.

Stage 1 Breakdown: 70% gravel/dirt fire roads, 20% ATV/Hydrocut trails, 5% Singletrack, 5% Misc., 100% Adventure

Full course GPX data and Elevation profiles, courtesy Dan Brosemer, are available

Course maps for Stage 1 2019: Stage 1 Marshall map north   

 Stage 1 Marshall map south




Quick-view Schedule

6:00am to 7:00am: Very last minute package pick-up, train loading at the Railway.  Bag drop off also at this location.  For 2019, you need not box your bike, but please remove pedals and Turn the handlebars 90 degrees.  They will be loaded with heavy cardboard in between each one.

7:00am: Agawa Canyon Tour Train departs, with all riders, spartan group of organizers “All-aboard”!

10:00am(ish): After a super fun 2.5 to 3  hour train ride, we unload the bikes, put our pedals on and turn the handlebars.  We will have some local mechanics on-hand and a few spare parts in case you forgot to pack something, but try not to leave it to chance!  If you’d like to box your bike, we will take the boxes or bike bags back to the Holiday Inn.

10:00am to 10:30am: Riders have time to assemble their bikes, warm up, and get ready for the 90 kms ahead!

10:30am: Riders hammer 75-80 spectacular, wild kms to our finish at Stokely Creek Lodge 2:30 pm(ish) to approx 6:30pm.  Depending on water levels, we will either be crossing the Batchawana River, or hammering down the Mile 38 road, crossing the Chippewa river valley as we make our way on a wide variety of trails to Stokely Creek Lodge!  Big changes are in the works for 2018 – with a faster course and a few singletrack sections thrown in!

3:00pm to 6:30pm: Riders finish at Stokely Creek lodge, with yummy pizza at the finish, and great facilities!

6:00pm, and 7:00pm: Two separate seatings for dinner, those who finished early use first sitting, later riders use second sitting, good thing there was pizza!

8:00pm (ish): Slideshow presentation on the following day.

Saturday, August 17:

Stokely Creek Lodge, back to Stokely Creek Lodge!

Crank the shield day 2 description (2019)!

 49 km Course

 STAGE 2 Stokely Creek Lodge BACK to Stokely Creek Lodge

The “essence” of Stage 2 A mix of old and new

Stage 2 is a very exciting day for CRANK enthusiasts.  Backcountry riding, hard climbs, an incredible aid station at the top of one of Ontario’s best views, rugged singletrack, a swimming hole, and rough atv trails make this a great mix of everything CRANK!  Though short – this is a tough day on the bike, but with most riders finishing around 1 to 2pm, this gives you a great chance to relax, go sit under one of the waterfalls at Stokely, and enjoy a breather with a longer Stage 3 looming!

Stage 2 breakdown: 50% Gravel, 20% dirt doubletrack, 20% Singletrack, 5% pavement, 5% misc., 100% joy!

Full course GPX data and Elevation profiles, courtesy Dan Brosemer, are available

stage 2 marshall map pdf


Quick-view Schedule

7:30am – 9:30am: Buffet Breakfast served inside the beautiful lodge.  2 sittings, at 7:30, and 8:30am respectively.

9:45am: Brief Riders’ meeting.

10:00am: It’s go time – riders hit all the Stokely singletrack, summit King Mountain, and continue riding towards Searchmont.

1:30pm – 5:00pm: Riders finish with epic singletrack at Searchmont, a long hard climb to the summit and a hold onto yer seats epic downhill to the finish!  Oh, and there’ll be fresh yummy Pizza!

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Riders enjoy a fantastic buffet dinner, a beer thanks to Outspoken, and enjoy a night by the campfire!

8:00pm – 9:00pm: Tentatively – our second artist in residence, Tim Packer will be doing an amazing presentation on his art career, the inspiring topography of the area, and life in general!  Slideshow about the final day to follow!

Sunday, August 18:

Stokely Creek to Kinsmen Park (the end)!

The “essence” of Day 3: A singletrack Odyssey!

For the new schoolers out there, the third day will be just what the doctor ordered!  We keep Day 2 a little shorter so you have something left in the tank for this sensational day of riding!  The Downhill at Bellevue is one of the best and longest in the province, while the ATV trails linking this, and Kinsmen are some of the best in the area!  Rocky, fast riding with shorter climbs will get you to Kinsmen, where up to 20km of world class singletrack ends the event in style!  A new exciting project will see more singletrack along this route, but it wont be useable for this season.

Stage 3 Breakdown: (15km neutral ride to start) 40% ATV trail, 10% gravel, 50% Singletrack, 100% Bliss!

Click here for map!

Stage 3 Map to Hiawatha (Kinsmen Park)

Neutral Ride, Start to Hiawatha

Final 20 kms – Hiawatha

Day 3 – detailed description (2019)  only difference is the neutral ride.

Above is the same as 2019

Full course GPX data and Elevation profiles, courtesy Dan Brosemer, are available here:



Approx. 65km Course (+15KM Neutral ride from Searchmont to the start)

 STAGE 3 Searchmont Resort to Kinsmen Park

Quick-view Schedule

7:30am – 9:00am: Buffet Breakfast served inside the beautiful lodge.

9:00am to 9:45am: Riders complete a scenic, 15 km neutral ride along the Goulais river to Day 3’s start.  It is much flatter than it was last year, however there is one long climb to get to the start.  You will do this climb again in the race!  Lucky you!   This mirrors Crank the Shield: Haliburton, and by the third day a nice paved warm-up, fraternizing with new friends is a great way to start the day (and, it just worked out that way)

10:00am: Riders quickly line up, and start on the incredible last day with some great singletrack and a wicked backcountry ride to Sault Ste. Marie, with piles of awesome singletrack at Kinsmen Park to finish off in style!

1:00pm to 4:00pm: Riders finish off their incredible 3 day odyssey with an awesome Lunch,  Beer c/o Outspoken brewery, and have plenty of time to get back to their hotel for a shower and a bit of relaxation before our FREE afterparty at the incredible Bushplane Museum in Downtown Sault Ste. Marie!

3:45pm: Awards Ceremony gets underway – quick recognition of the days fastest riders, and the overall awards.  After the ceremony, shuttles will take you back to either your car at the start, or your hotel.  We will have a secure locations for bikes, and you can make the quick 10 minute drive back to pick up your bike (sorry, we’d rather not transport your bikes unless we have good, safe room for them, there will be many people with extra room on their racks)  Your other option is to ride the 20 minutes or so back into the Sault.

7:30pm: FREE for 2019!!  Crank the Shield:SSM Afterparty, with Beer for sale from Outspoken, and some finger foods, starts at the Bushplane Museum in downtown Sault Ste. Marie! Friends and additional visitors can come for a $20 fee!  Riders are FREE!  Unwind with all the friends you’ve made, get a tour of the awesome museum (we have it all to ourselves), and watch the 1000 foot ships go by along the beautiful St. Mary’s River!

Monday, August 19

The “Afterparty afterparty” at Salzberger Hof Resort along the shores of Lake Superior!!

7:00pm: For those of you staying around the area after the race – we hope you can join us for an “afterparty afterparty” at the organizers favourite Austrian – inspired restaurant, the Salzberger Hof.  This is a true treat, looking out over the majesty of Lake Superior, and we will have most of the staff that brought you Crank the Shield:SSM on hand and are excited for a good time!  If you can join us, it’s 50 minutes North of the Sault, give Sylvia or one of their staff a call at: (705) 882-2323   You can even book a room on-site!  Check out their website HERE