Got a Question? We’ve got the Answers!

Q: What kind of shape would I need to be in to complete the epic 3-day journey?

A: Ideally you’ll have some mountain bike race experience, and are in the habit of doing long rides. Those with road bikes that can complete true century rides, in the 160 km range will also benefit from that time in the saddle. Mountain biking these distances is a lot more demanding than road riding, and riders should ramp up their training leading up to the event with long 5 hour plus rides. You should have a minimum of intermediate level mountain bike skills, and do not take this event or its’ challenge lightly, as it will be very tough. The fastest riders should complete the stages in 4 hours, and it is expected that the slowest riders will have about 8 hours to complete any given stage.

Q: What kind of equipment should I have?

A: All riders must have certified bicycle helmets, and a mountain bike in good working order to participate in this event. Our suggestion would be a quality full, or front suspension mountain bike as much of the terrain is challenging. There will be some hammer sections, but knobby tires will be needed for the off-road terrain, and wider tires will be less susceptible to flats. Make sure your bicycle is in great working shape, the break pads are new and the drivetrain is updated or in amazing shape.

Q: If I’m unsure about my ability to complete each stage, will I be able to complete smaller portions of each day and get a ride to the finish?

A: Though we will provide rides for situations like irreparable damage to bikes, or severe cases of exhaustion or injury, we are not setting up to provide rides to riders who came ill-prepared. Do not ride this event unless you have good endurance and are sure of your ability to complete each day within generous 8 hour maximums (or about double what elite participants will do).

Q: Can my family come along and stay with me in my cabin?

A: Though we encourage riders to have support, we do not have the facilities to house your support staff or families, nor can we provide them with food. Support staff can stay in the wide array of accommodations near each day, and these areas are available on the accommodations portion of the website. Maps of each day’s race, and approximate times where riders can be seen at each area, will be available to support persons.

Q: If I felt like stopping along the way, and deviating off the course will I be disqualified?

A: If you ride by a lake and feel the need for a swim by all means you can stop, but it is your responsibility to get back onto the course where you left off. Just keep your time limits in mind.

Q: Categories and Awards

Crank the Shield will be have two race divisions, Solo, and Two Person. Within those divisions are separate age categories:
Solo Men ~ U30, 30-39, 40-49, 50 and over, and Singlespeed
Solo Women ~ U40, 40+
Two Person Male ~ U80, 80+ (possible 100+ if more than 5 entries)
Two Person Mixed (1 male, 1 female)
Two Person Female

There are top 3 placings for each age category in each stage. Upon the conclusion of all three or two stages, the overall winners in each age category will receive an overall trophy and special winners Tech-shirt?