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A Multi-Day Point-to-Point Adventure, in the footsteps of the Group of Seven

Crank the Shield is a multi-day cycling odyssey through Ontario’s stunning Algoma/ Canadian Shield country. The event offers a unique experience to riders from across North America. This event combines a world famous backcountry Train ride to the remote start, amazing food over the duration of the event, 50 optional room accommodations (VIP upgrade), event goodies, great aid stations and some of the best and most rewarding days you will experience on a bike. Riders will be in awe of both the rugged countryside, and of the amazing support they will see at every step!

Race Results from all three days and General Classification can be found at Superfly Racing

Included with the STANDARD PACKAGE, currently at $789 (email for a 10% off code)

  • Amazing Food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, Award Ceremony Feast.
  • Agawa Canyon Tour train ticket ($100 + value, we had to rent the whole train!)
  • Meet and greet, with snacks at Thursday Night package pick-up site.
  • Fresh, yummy PIZZA at the finish line for Days 1 and 2 (the Soo has a lot of Italians, seems to make sense)
  • Event t-shirt, socks, number plate, and more goodies!
  • Bag/Tent Transportation throughout the entire event! (you provide the tent!)
  • Free Parking for entire event.
  • Amazing draw prizes each night! Including art from local artists, and of course, bike stuff!
  • Timing and medals for each category, winners Jerseys at end!
  • Final prizes and overall awards, handcrafted from stones from Lake Superior’s dramatic shores!
  • Plus amazing staff, volunteers, safety, timing and course construction.
  • You will have access to a swimming hole and some warm showers as non – VIP, or make some friends along the way and use their shower!
  • NEW FOR 2019 – The Bushplane Museum afterparty is INCLUDED in the registration!  You won’t wanna miss it!

Add the VIP** add-on, at time of checkout and for an additional $175 you’ll get:

  • A bed for both nights!
  • Access to showers, and your own room with 1 to 3 beds per room
  • Ability to choose your roommates – all available at checkout!  These go fast!
  •    **There are only 50 VIP spots!

CRANK Afterparty – an amazing end to a fantastic weekend!|

Yes, we are super thrilled to be booked into the Canadian Bushplane Museum for the Sunday night CRANK the SHIELD afterparty! We will have appetizers, Outspoken beer available, all at this incredible venue on the waters of the St. Mary’s river, a short walk from out host the Holiday Inn! The museum is all ours! Check out the history of taming the north from the legendary Beaver, all with an open hanger directly on the river! You won’t want to miss this!  FOR 2019, the afterparty is INCLUDED in the price of CRANK!  Last year over 80% of our riders joined us for a this great finale!


Other registration options:

Resident of the Soo and want to stay at home?  From out of town and want to stay at a nearby hotel or B&B?  Here are some options that will help cut costs and suit your needs:

  1. Enjoy all breakfasts/Lunches, but stay elsewhere.  Email if this is for you and you will get an individual coupon code for $50 off for when you register!
  2. I JUST wanna RACE!  Ok, so you don’t wanna hang out with a bunch of tired cyclists and talk about bike parts.  (It’s way more fun than that, but you get the drift).  This option will get you a different coloured wristband – you’ll still get the full race experience, aid stations, finish line Pizza and food – AND the grand finale BBQ, you just wont be dining with us or using our facilities at Stokely or Searchmont.  This option will save you $130 – again, if you’d like this option, please email for an individual coupon code to use at time of checkout!
  3. Have any other special needs/requests?  Email us and we’ll make it work for you!

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We are excited to have world renowned artist Norman R. Brown as our artist in residence!


As we embark upon this adventure, on the very lands painted by Canadan’s pre-eminent painters, the Group of Seven, we are delighted to have with us one of Canada’s most accomplished artists!  Norman has spent time up here painting, out of “Crank Headquarters”, and is in love the the landscape for it’s grandeur, savagery and uncompromising beauty.  Norman will accompany us on the train, and will be on-site, at our lodges, and along the course, painting “plein air” paintings of the landscape!  Stop and see him wield his brush like a master Jedi with his lightsaber – and perhaps win one of his incredible works!  Norman will also do a painting tutorial one of the evenings, while living amongst us for 3 days!

Insurance Requirements

For 2019 – We are paying a larger bulk insurance, and thusly you will not need to pay any additional insurance – just sign a waiver at time of Registration!

Entry Details

Two Person Team vs Solo

Solo participants race on their own for the duration of Crank The Shield. Two person team participants must ride together within 2 minutes of each other and finish within 2 minutes of each other. The advantages of working as a team include moral and technical support with many stage events originally only having this two-person component. If you find an evenly matched friend, or don’t feel like getting caught riding alone on the course, maybe the two person division is for you.

NEW FOR 2019! E-bike Category!

While still somewhat controversial, E-bike technology simply allows those with physical limitations, those getting up in age, or simply without the time to train to still enjoy longer more strenuous rides.  While E-bikes in a multi-lap format present certain challenges, in a long, point-to-point event like CRANK:SSM, riders are mostly alone or in small groups for the duration, so riding with an unpredictable E-bike is a non-issue.  This class only race themselves, you don’t need to suffer the ego-crush of being beaten by an E-bike!  In spite of the assistance – there is still strategy for using these bikes – you must conserve battery, as running out means you’re riding a 35 lb+ bike unassisted!

  • Solo Under 30 Men
  • Solo 30-39 Men
  • Solo 40-49 Men
  • Solo 50+ Men
  • Solo Singlespeed OPEN
  • Solo Fat bike
  • Solo Under 40 Women
  • Solo 40+ Women
  • Two Person Under 80 Men
  • Two Person 80 + Men
  • Two Person ALL FEMALE* Added April 1, see details below
  • Two Person Team Mixed
  • NEW E-Bike category!
  • *If 3 teams do not register, all female will race in mixed category!

For past riders or any riding enthusiast, check out this nostalgic look at 10 years of Crank the Shield